XML Feed Format

The aim of this page is to help your company to shape their rental listing data into an XML format understood by our submitting engine. This way, you can contain numerous listings in one file, and submit them in a batch within a second.

XML submitted listings are normally editable afterwards, so you can easily correct any possible mistakes in syntax. However, reading this page carefully is highly recommended to avoid any mistakes, and if you have any questions, please ask us.

Feed format

<properties />
    <property />
        <location />
            <state />
            <areaid />
            <areaspecification />
            <streetname />
            <streetnumber />
            <unitnumber />
            <city />
            <zip />
            <displayaddress /> (y|n)

        <details />
            <rent />
            <deposit />
            <yearbuilt />
            <unittype /> (1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8)
            <sqft />
            <noofunits />
            <lotsize />
            <bedrooms />
            <bathrooms />
            <furnishing /> (y|n)
            <startingtype /> (1|2|3)
            <startingdate />
            <lengthtype /> (1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8)
            <lengthdate />
            <description />
            <mlsid />

        <contact />
            <contactperson />
            <contactemail />
            <contactphone />
            <propertyurl />
            <agencyurl />

Element explanations

state is the two-letter acronym of the state in which the property resides.

areaid is the Area ID within the given state.

areaspecification is a freeform specification of the property location. Character cap is 128.

streetname is the entire unabbreviated street name (e.g. Baker Street) Character cap is 128.

streetnumber is the number associated in the mail address (e.g. 12 A). Character cap is 10.

unitnumber is the specific visiting/mailing address tail (e.g. Room 102). Character cap is 10.

city is the freeform mailing address city. Character cap is 256.

zip is the ZIP code for the address. Character cap is 10.

displayaddress determines whether the address will be publically displayed on the listing page. y if the address will be displayed, n if not.

rent is the amount of United States Dollars requested monthly for rent. Plain numbers only, do not add dollar signs, commas, decimal points or the USD abbreviation.

deposit ???.

unittype is the number corresponding the property type.

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